Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fractured Women (or Coat Lining!)

This artquilt is dedicated to the many women who are overextended and have too much to do.
Float in the water and relax your stress!!!!

Last year someone suggested I use a partially finished piece for a coat lining!!! I was so crushed that I folded it up into a mess and threw it on the floor. Walked on it, tripped over it, and then Terrie Hancock told me that Abraham Lincoln had a quilt for his coat lining!!! So I decided to finish it.It's a bit large and one half of it was quilted. The problem was that it was difficult to quilt because it had SO much WU that it was stiff. I figured if I washed AND dried it, the WU would soften it so I did. And then I quilted the other half!!!!

Really it's not bad; got it in a juried art show and now hangs in my living room and I like it!!!! I'm even going to continue the series!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

2 Journal quilts for Houston show & Red Cross

These are 2 Quiltart Journal Quilts which will be for sale at the Red Cross Sale at the Houston Quilt Festival the end of October. I hope you can go there.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Finished Pizza Pieces

These are photos of some of my finished pizza pieces. What fun! Next I'm going to do a huge one. These pieces are 4" x 6" and will be for sale at the Houston Quilt Festival the end of October. The full price will go to the Red Cross. I had a wonderful time making them.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Next step of Pizza series

This is a 4"x6" piece of the larger pizza, machine quilted with metallic threads. It should have shown on the previous day's blog. (I'll get this eventually! )

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Little Pieces - Pizza Series

The larger piece is the first photo of my Pizza1 piece. It is large, about 3 inches in depth!!!, before ironing. The sparkly one is a detail of the larger piece.

The piece on the right is a portion (4" x 6") of the middle photo which has been first ironed very flat, cut to size, and then machine quilting. I get a reflection of the gold and silver sparklies when I photograph it so the phot isn't quite accurate. (can't get it to upload!!!!)

Next I will use the heat gun and burn off some of the netting. And then I'll probably add a few last FME stitches; glue the card stock to the back and then zigzag around the piece. Look for future blogs!

This is my VERY FIRST BLOG so be patient with the colors and placement of photos. How do I move the photos around and change their size? The middle should be on the left side.